Wednesday, December 8, 2010

finding holiday inspiration from store windows and displays...

anthropologie window display, 2010

you know that feeling you get when you come across something so wonderful, so charming, so inspiring, that you just melt into a puddle of smiles?  anyone?  is it just me?  lol...

well, i get that feeling on occasion...i discover something, and it just fires me up...makes me wanna try it for myself...makes me go, "now that is so damn clever..." 

i experience this sort of goofy elation every single time i walk into an Anthropologie store.  if you are not familiar with this whimsical, frilly store, i strongly encourage you to follow the link and check them out.  BUT, if you are lucky enough to have an Anthropologie retail location near you, i implore you to walk in...see for yourself why this proprietor is not merely a seller of clothes and jewelry and home goods, but a creator of experience.  all throughout the store, you will find the most ingenious and creative displays of decor, and often, these displays are true transformations of ordinary items or materials into amazing art installations.

tree stump gnome homes and mushrooms blanketed in snow...

i was lucky enough to take in the holiday displays at Anthropologie recently when i was doing some christmas shopping, and i was completely taken with their displays of rolled paper christmas trees and tree stump gnome homes.  and what i find so cool about Anthro is the fact that a lot of their displays are simple -- you can easily see that you could create something similar on your own.  in fact, i even came across a small (and free!) 'how to' card for creating pine trees from recycled paper. 

Anthropologie's windows showcase tall christmas trees made from rolled up paper plates that have been dipped in green dye!

Pottery Barn is another great source of inspiration around this time of year.  a trip into their stores right now will reveal christmas trees trimmed with ornaments made of sheet music and glass glitter, garlands of old fashioned burlap upholstery webbing, and tons of mercury glass.  there are also many ideas to be found for centerpiece and mantel displays.  i love their sheet music wrapped pillar candles -- what a great idea for a hostess gift or kris kringle gift!  who couldn't wrap a white pillar candle from Michael's ($2.99) with a piece of sheet music or old book pages?  finish it off with a twine bow and some berries or greenery.  i know i will be creating this look for my mantels this year.

and there is always something so simple, yet so perfect about Pottery Barn's christmas tree displays.  they're never overdone or gaudy, and the trees are always so winsome, like they have just been cut down from a field somewhere.  i'm resolved to try the paper banner idea this year, as soon as i figure out what i want it to say.  i'm certain that the paper garland can be handmade using a roll of brown craft paper and a sharpie. i smell a tutorial brewing here?  maybe...

i'd love to hear where you find your holiday decorating ideas...which is your favorite?  which have you tried and just loved?  which would you like to try for yourself, but haven't had the courage yet?


  1. Crepeconfectioner,
    I adore your style! Your oh so girly, with a touch of whimsy and vintage-ness.... The spin that you put on simple things is absolutely stunning!!!!! My favorite holiday decorating would probably be christmas or halloween.....I know 2 opposite sides of the coin, but oh sooo much fun and inspiration....Thank you, crepe, for encourageing me to take a minute for my girly-self, and to breathe in what surrounds me! xoxoxo

  2. I loved the stump displays last year! This year I'm hoping to re-create some of that charm in my Christmas decor.....I just need to get some actual tree stumps or make paper mache ones. I also love the paper plate tree! Such a great idea and cheap! I may try to make one and use earthy browns and greens. Any ideas for a cheap base??