Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010 has come and gone...

our christmas tree this year

the christmas holiday is finally over, and i find that i'm breathing a much needed sigh of relief...and i am happy that my plan to do less and appreciate more went off without a hitch or an ounce of regret.  it was a sentiment that most of my family shared, and i have to say that no one seemed disappointed that we didn't stress ourselves to our usual degree just to construct the holiday as we always have.

jack and his new buddy, bailey, sparring on christmas eve

this christmas eve was spent with my parents and my siblings (including one very tiny and very furry addition, in the way of a new westie puppy adopted into my parents' home), wherein we enjoyed the traditional polish christmas wigilia.  this meatless dinner usually consists of a number of courses and dishes, including fish, pierogi, blintzes, and czarnina (an unsettingly purple soup that contains duck's blood...ew).  christmas wigilia is amongst my most cherished childhood was when my grandmother shined, moving around her kitchen like a dancer performing a wonderfully choreographed show full of good smells and good food.  i miss her terribly at this time of year...

jack wondering when he gets to open his gifts

i chose to work less this holiday season, opting not to participate in my usual local christmas shows even though they are small and not too demanding.  i wanted to be able to slow down and relax, especially after another very busy halloween season for The Crepe Confectionary.  i honestly needed that break, and i'm glad i was able to be a good boss and give myself a little time to re-energize.  so, to sum up my holiday season, the time i usually devote to being a christmas nutjob with a compulsion to create 'the most perfect christmas ever', was reallocated to spending time merrymaking with friends and family or to doing nothing in particular.  and it was exactly what i needed, because i am finding myself more enthusiastic and burning with creativity.  i am ready to go...i have re-organized, recharged, and reset my systems, and i'm pleased to say that i have big plans in the works for The Crepe Confectionary for 2011! 

doing the pin up girl thing at a recent christmas wedding...

it has been another wonderful year for me, one full of challenges and blessings.  to all of you, my wonderful readers and customers, i wish you the happiest of new year's!  celebrate the turning of the year with those you love, be thankful for what you have, and look forward with hope and joy.  may all of your future endeavors sparkle!

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