Sunday, December 18, 2011

A little Christmas tour of my home...

the entryway...still in need of some more greenery, and a little more snow.

my dad bought this vintage looking Santa head for me a few years ago, and i always hang him in the entry to greet guests.  this year, i placed him atop a vintage bookpage wreath that i made last weekend while watching some SNL (that's how easy it is to make one of those!).

my wee first tree for my first christmas as a single lady.  i love still needs its vintage sheet music chain garland, but that's this weekend's project.

you know my tree would have at least one mushroom on it, and here we have a little glass fly agaric.  my favorite!

the mantle, still waiting on the vintage sheet music candles a la Pottery Barn.  i hope whereever i end up after i leave this home, it has at least one mantle, because there is nothing more quintessentially christmas than a decked out mantle and a fire roaring beneath...

i've had this grapevine star for so many years now, and i literally use it all year long, just changing out its trimmings.  here, i placed a Pottery Barn tin bird ornament, and i think i'll add a little paper banner to it yet...*hmm.

a silver tray filled with greenery, and all of my favorite and prettiest mercury glass ornaments.  it sparkles when the candles i've tucked into it are lit...

more greenery and mercury glass...i don't think you can ever really have enough of either, especially at this time of year!

a small Belsnickle Santa and a Nicol Sayre angel.

the sideboard in the dining room...that vintage typewriter is possibly my best antique treasure hunting find yet!  twenty bucks at this huge antique co-op in Ohio!  its one of my favorite things.  and each time i walk past that picture of my grandmother and grandfather, i am reminded of how much i think she would have loved sitting in my dining room with me for coffee and crackers...
see??  i mean, how awesome is that typewriter?  *grinz*
a snow couple in a pile of snow on the window ledge.  i made those vintage snowballs out of styrofoam balls, some teastained cheescloth, and mica.  super easy, super messy, but super cute in the end. 

looking into the living room...can't wait til christmas eve night, when i'm finally done with all the visiting and merrymaking, when i come home to the quiet of my cozy little home, light a fire in the fireplace, and crack open a bottle of wine.  its my christmas gift to myself...

the kitchen sideboard is an antique passed down to my by my grandmother.  i like having it in the kitchen, because it makes me feel like she is keeping me company while i cook.  the burlap runner was whipped up in five minutes flat.  no kidding.  beginning to end, raw edges, scissors, and two long stitches down the center.  FIVE. MINUTES. LOL.

snowmen and santas...its a little bare now, but for christmas morning brunch, it will be all decked out in goodies and fresh flowers...

finally, the upstairs gets a more 'woodsy', yet still glitzy look.  i collect mercury glass finials and tree toppers, and i love how they look when they're paired with greenery and candles. 

i also added some little glass bird ornaments, and some covered in glitter (of course), along with some glass pinecone and acorn ornies. the den upstairs is full of large windows and looks out into the trees, and i have always felt that it is like sitting in a giant treehouse up here. so naturally, its a birdie christmas, i

jack is excited to see what presents around that tree will bear his name...i think he is going to be quite pleased.  for me, all i want for christmas this year is the happiness and health of that little guy, cuz he is what keeps me smiling.

i wish you the merriest of christmasses, and the happiest of new years!  may you be healthy, wealthy, and wise!