Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i ain't hiding...

i'm just...immersed in enjoying digging my hands into the dirt of my garden...and soaking up sun with friends...and taking long strolls to no where with my puppy...and sipping yummy glasses of wine under the stars...

and it's just been really, really difficult to pull myself away from living life to blog here...i'm not done by any means, but i am practicing being present in the moments of my life.  and i sincerely hope you all are as well! 

please do stay tuned, though...i have been working too...there will be some brand spanking new patriotic items added to the shop, and i've been dreaming up all new treats for my halloween line for this fall.  sometimes coming up for air, when you're so engrossed in your work, and just living for a little while, can be the best source of inspiration.  your brain just...relaxes.  it's as if all you have to do is clear a little space in your brain, and suddenly, there's room for daydreaming and imagining.  it really is the best advice i can offer, not just to other artists trying to navigate their way through the waters of capitalism, but to anyone attempting to live a more meaningful, well-rounded life.

Enjoy your summer!