Friday, August 6, 2010


my latest halloween party hat

if you've ever had a peek in my shop, you know that i have a thing for party hats. i make them for all sorts of occasions, and i believe they're not just for wearing. i think they look great displayed on pedestals or on top of a feather tree. i have halloween hats, valentine's hats, and of course, birthday hats.

i don't know what it is about a sweet party hat that just puts a smile on my face...maybe its because i never had one for my birthday as a kid. both of my parents worked their hinds off, and while we were always celebrated warmly on our birthdays, there was often not a lot of time for frivolous details such as party hats. so now when i get a custom order for one, i always do what i can to make each one as special as the last. i guess this is my way of sublimating my wish for a frilly party hat all those birthdays as a

the image on this hat is taken from the old Dennison Bogie Books

but my favorite kind of hat -- to create, wear, or display -- is a great vintage looking halloween party hat. i love playing with the traditional black and orange color theme, adding classic details and imagery, yet with modern polish. so, this got me to thinking...
perhaps The Crepe Confectionary should host a party hat swap for halloween?

what do you think dear readers? are any of you game?

i've participated in swaps before, and i can't tell you how fun it is to get a bundle of surprises from the postman! and i love seeing what sorts of creativity fuels other crafty peeps out there. if you have never participated in a swap, i thoroughly encourage it! and, i think this one might be right up a beginner's alley...

  • i will provide the party hat template for download through the blog
  • you drop me a line saying 'COUNT ME IN!'
  • i will assign swap partners, and hand out addresses
  • you dream up something extra spooky and fun for your partner
  • once we have swapped, we'll post pictures for all to see!
so what do you say ghouls and boys? i think of it as 'trick or treating' for adults...very crafty

who's in? leave a comment on this post if you're interested.

and, i just want to take a moment to thank all of my readers. its always so encouraging to hear from each of you, and i love finding inspiration in how you see the world. now, i would love for you to join me in some of the fun!