Monday, May 2, 2011

greetings from San Francisco...

i returned from san francisco just a couple of days ago, and i think i am finally recovering.  honestly, i think i'm more in mourning because it came and went so fast! lol...san francisco is such an inspiring city, in so many ways, and each time i am there, a part of me feels very much at home.

i won't bore you all with a detailed recap, but i did want to share some photos of my time...these are images that will be stuck in my head for a while to come...i actually can't wait to start playing and working with my hands again!

i literally spent days in golden gate  it was truly beautiful, with so many different 'rooms' and areas for varied uses by the citizens of the area.  the above photo was taken upon the entrance to the AIDS memorial grove that is hidden away inside the park.  this spot truly did take my breath away as i came down the stairs into the was a masterpiece of garden design and architecture.

the architecture throughout the city and outlying areas is pure heaven for a historic buff such as myself.  these were just some of the 'painted ladies' along haight street...coincidentally, this is also the same neck of the woods where many of the great artists and musicians of the 60's lived...janis joplin, the jefferson airplane, and the grateful dead.

the palace of fine arts at dusk was the perfect spring evening walk...the colors were unbelievably vivid.  i could have sat here and sketched columns and arches forever...

we also took a day trip to napa to visit some of the many wineries...the vistas and imagery were absolutely stunning, and every where i looked, i seemed to be gasping and snapping  i got so many ideas for projects and pieces...i had to remind myself sometimes to just stop and breath and take it all in.

the view of the pacific on the way down from mount was raining pretty hard that day, but we decided to trek up anyway.  i'm so glad we did, because everything was so astoundingly lush and green once we began climbing to the top...the trees and the moss seemed truly alive.

on my last day, we strolled through the japanese tea was so peaceful and felt so deceptively, genuinely 'japanese', it was hard not to believe you were actually in  i came home with a million ideas for small projects in my own, if only it would stop raining here in buffalo long enough so i can get out into the garden, that would be lovely!

i am so grateful that i was fortunate enough to travel, and do so safely, to a city that i love, to spend time with the friends i have grown to love...i have so many other images i want to share, so many inspiring snapshots, and i will do so, in time...til then, thanks for sharing in some of my travel memories!