Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a birthday beach bash for jackson...

often in doing custom work for clients, i get to hear all about the details of the upcoming celebration. and, when i'm lucky, my clients will share pictures of aforesaid event and the little guest of honor.  its one of the perks of my job that has quickly become one of my favorites.  as cheesy as it may sound, i relish every snapshot, every smile, every detail...i am always thrilled and inspired to see how each of my creations is used, as well as to see the smiles it all put on everyones' faces.  and besides, i have found that i prefer putting smiles on kids faces with fun stuff they'll hopefully remember, rather than coming at them with a stethoscope or needle...lol.

a festive family photo:  jessica with her husband and son

in the two years i have been operating The Crepe Confectionary out of my little home studio, i have been blessed with some truly inspiring clients, but i wanted to take a moment to introduce you all to one special lady i feel truly lucky to have as a patron.  she hails from the grand old state of texas, and her name is jessica...she's the stellar mom of one very lucky little boy named jackson.  jessica first contacted me two years ago to help with the decorative embellishments for jackson's first birthday, which was crafted to be 'A Whale of a Time', and i shared a peek of the decor here.  i knew, even back then, that jessica and i were on the same creative wavelength.  she would come to me with the seed of an idea, a vision of which only she had in her head, and she entrusted me to help bring it to life.  not only was i inspired by jessica's ideas and suggestions, but i was touched that she put her creative faith in me...

my creative 'soul sistah':  jessica goes ALL out for her celebrations, seeing opportunity for charm and design at almost every opportunity...

i was honored when jessica contacted me again to help her throw jackson's 2nd birthday bash, which was to be a huge july 4th party on  the beach.  i immediately had a million darling little ideas for the decorations, and couldn't be happier to get started on gathering my materials.  needless to say, when i am approached by a client with an idea for a large decor package, the creative half of my brain quickly gets carried away -- i invest in the event mentally, imagining all the little details i would focus on as if i were the one throwing the bash.  the reality is, however, i'm not the hostess, and so i have to rein myself in and focus all my creative energies on the requested pieces for the client.  i think it is why i feel such a creative kinship with jessica...when i peruse her photos of the big day, i always say, 'wow!  that's exactly what i would have done!' or 'yeah!  that's such an awesome idea!'...lol.

no matter what, jessica, and so many other great clients like her, never fail to amaze me with their ideas and creative endavors of their own...i am always wowed...and encouraged...and privileged.  its a feeling very akin to the one i used to get when i knew i had really helped someone back when i was doctoring.  it is all about connection, at least for me.  connecting with another like-minded person out there in the world is really what its all about...or else, why are we here?

to all of you -- clients, readers, commenters, inspirers, and even browsers -- thank you.



  1. I just got the goose bumps, thank you for writing such a kind post!! You are so sweet and such a big part of my life and parties, thank you for your friendship and love! xoxoox

  2. ((hugs))

    thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me in and allowing me to be a part of your family celebrations and traditions, jess!