Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Happenings...

i've been as busy as a bee, soaking up as much of the burgeoning spring season as i can and celebrating it!  it's funny really, because it seems like just last week that i was quietly pining for the snow mounds to melt and the skies to turn blue...and all of a sudden, my wish came true! 

plenty of new items have been added to the shop to help you bring some spring sparkle to your home this season.  i've been glittering eggs and ornaments, and birthday party hats are getting hot again as well!  i attribute my recent 'spring' in creativity to the return of the sun.  i feel like i have a million ideas for new pieces and product lines, but just not enough hours in the day.  so, i make certain to have my sketch journal attached to my person as much as possible so that i can jot down ideas or sketch out possible designs.

having a smart phone handy is awfully nice too, since i can take pictures of nearly anything that inspires me (like the crocuses that jack and i snapped above when out on our walk this afternoon), but my impulse is usually to reach for a pencil and my pad before reaching into my pocket to grab my camera phone...i swear there is something inside me that makes me want to resist actually using technology in my day to day.  i mean, i'm aware of all the great apps and programs and websites and gadgets out there that could help me streamline my business and my creative process, but i spend my days imagining the past and trying to replicate it in the present...sometimes it just doesn't jive, you know?  lol...

however, i will admit that i finally broke down and embraced the wonderfulness that is QuickBooks...and, i'm pretty happy to declare that it has saved. my. life. it took me two very long, arduous weeks of receipt organizing and data input, but it feels sooo good to account for everything i've done thus far with The Crepe Confectionary.  it makes me feel legitimate as a business owner, and it allows me to measure my successes and failures in a very meaningful way.  i'm still getting the hang of the program's user interface, but i have found features that i love, such as reports that show me how much each of my customers has spent with me or tallies of how many of each product has been sold.  if you're a crafter ready to take the plunge and make your 'biz' official, i highly recommend procuring yourself your own QuickBooks account.  you will thank me for it, trust me!

a 1st birthday cutie in her Crepe Confectionary party hat

spring is also bringing with it a ton of new opportunities for The Crepe Confectionary, both creative and financial.  for instance, i'm in the midst of a number of photography projects with a couple of photographers from around the country, wherein my creations will be featured in various shoots.  i'm thrilled about these creative collaborations, and can't wait to expand my horizons as a folk artist.  i was also very pleased to be informed recently that my work has been featured on Meyer Imports' blog site.  if you're not already familiar with Meyer Imports, i greatly encourage you to take a clicky-click on over to their site.  this import company is responsible for bringing us some of the highest quality glitters around, and i am proud to say that they are my main supplier of german glass glitters.  they carry a number of other crafty items as well, such as small diorama kits, mushrooms, and scrap pictures. 

Meyer Imports silver glass glitter, the highest quality glitter i have found

and in one last, final bit of news, i have begun playing with my tumblr account.  if you're not aware of what tumblr is, head on over to and have a look see for yourself.  its a 'micro-blogging' platform that allows you to quickly and easily post pictures, videos, links, quotes...anything, really.  its a more visual platform than a regular blogging site such as blogger or typepad, and i like how i can post things there that inspire or interest me, and i don't have to feel obligated to write a blog post to accompany it.  you can find me here:

what i post on tumblr is what makes me smile, giggle, gasp, think...its all the stuff that sometimes isn't fit to post 

i hope you are all finding ways to welcome spring into your lives...may you feel refreshed and invigorated!


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