Sunday, February 20, 2011

a little show and tell...

just about died that hubby surprised me with dita von teese's 'Burlesque: On The Art Of The Teese' and that my mom and dad actually bought me these cotton candy pin up pumps for my birthday last weekend!

just check out those velvet bows and the tiny ruffle!  i cannot wait to wear these with my pin up pencil soon as the snow and mud go away, that is!

and my little bro showered me with a mushroom-inspired gift of these mercury glass mushrooms and one of my favorite films, 'Know Your Mushrooms'.  i am certain that my family finds both of my obsessions -- mercury glass and mushrooms -- to be a bit eccentric, but i couldn't be happier that they indulge me anyway.

i also got this nicol sayre halloween witch to add to my growing halloween collection...

and found these treasures while antiquing this past week at some of my favorite treasure-hunting spots...i fell in love with that picture of a family in a meadow as soon as i saw it.  the back has a handwritten note that says 'in memory of a very good lunch, aug 12th, 1903'.   i'm always happy to give a new home to these antiquated artifacts, loving them now and safeguarding them for future generations to appreciate.  maybe one day after i'm gone, when my belongings have been snatched up by an estate sale or thrift shop, these old things will be picked up by someone else who shares my passion for preservation...i hope they appreciate them as much as i do.

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