Wednesday, July 14, 2010

let the halloween preparations begin!

our haunted parlor at halloween...

if you are even a casual reader of my blog, you likely know that i am an absolute fanatic about halloween...even my shop is stocked year-round with halloween confections.

the hatbox ghost, the crafty witch, and a furry sceptre...

i was blessed as a kid to have a mom who was happy to sew whatever costume i requested, as well as an older cousin who lived just up the street who would take me and my brother and sister trick or treating not only on halloween night, but on beggar's night too. oh, and halloween just happens to be my mom's birthday (lucky, lucky!), so we almost always have some sort of samhain celebration from year to year.

one of my hand-carved pumpkins

so, naturally, i've already begun thinking about what i am going to craft up for halloween this year...and not just items for the shop. costumes, spooky decor projects, and home haunt brain is always spinning when it comes to halloween.

a witchy label from LOVEMANOR.COM

last year, i came across these fantastic labels for a 'witch's cupboard' at the Love Manor blog...they are meticulously designed and look incredibly authentic when adhered to old antique glass bottles and jars. i was so thrilled when i came across them, i just had to pick up a bunch of antique glass bottles the next time i was out junking and thrifting. this project could not be easier, and the results are so authentic, it will surely fool any spooky guests that should come calling on this hallow's eve.

here is what you need:
  • old glass bottles, jars (or newer ones, with their labels and glue removed)
  • mod podge
  • sponge brush
  • walnut ink, or walnut stain (pad, spray, or crystals work just fine)
  • labels, which you can find HERE
here is how you do it:
  1. make sure all of your glass jars and bottles are clean and dry
  2. decide which label will go on which jar, and use a photoshop program ( to edit the image so it will fit on your jar. print out, and cut along edges
  3. apply mod podge to area where you wish to adhere your label, place label onto bottle and smooth out bubbles and edges.
  4. wipe away any excess mod podge from the glass surrounding the label.
  5. once dry, use some walnut ink on a cotton pad or paper towel and gently buff the label around its edges to give it an aged, worn appearance.
  6. embellish your bottle with moss, just twine, spiders, etc. i like to keep my witchy bottles and jars looking as authentic as possible for a more convincing effect.
  7. display on a shelf, an old silver tray, or table top along with an iron cauldron and lots of candles.
a witchy apothecary ready for casting spells...

see how easy that was? so while you're out and about this summer, strolling through flea markets and yard sales, keeps your eyes peeled for some vintage looking glass bottles and turn them into something frighteningly fantastic!

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