Thursday, March 11, 2010

spring fever

when i was a little girl in grammar school (second grade, actually), i wrote an impromptu poem entitled 'spring fever'. somehow, the nun who was the principle at the time saw it, and decided it would be a good idea to have me read it to the entire school over the intercom...right away.
and thus began my public speaking i was reminded of this little episode when i noticed not one, but four (!), robins in the tree outside my house this past week. what a welcome sight! one of the things i love about living in a place like buffalo is that we get to experience all four seasons. while my favorite is fall, i really look forward to watching the transformation that occurs as each season fades into the next. thankfully, big, scary, snowbound buffalo enjoyed a mild winter, and now, it looks like we are about to begin our spring...thank you, mother nature!

so with this unexpectedly early visit from spring, i've been a busy chick...spring cleaning? check. seedlings started for the garden? check. easter items for the shop? check. now, if only the sun would keep melting the snow in the yard, i can begin my spring cleanup outside too...

in the meantime, i have enough custom orders to keep me happily busied in the studio. a couple of weeks ago, i was invited to a birthday dinner for my very good friend's mom. not wanting to show up empty-handed, i decided to whip up a birthday party hat just for her. well, it was so well-received, i decided to post it in the shop. that led to three custom orders in a matter of days! needless to say, i think i need to get to work on expanding my birthday line a lot sooner than planned.
amongst these custom confections was a frilly, pink birthday banner for a little girl named 'olive' and a new, sparkly 'happy birthday' banner (also for olive...boy, that girl is going to have one heck of a birthday party!). both are available through the shop, so stop in and take a peek. the frilly 'olive' banner was very much like the one i was commissioned to make for a surprise family reunion a few months ago for a dear customer in texas. she had just located a long lost sister, and she wanted to surprise her with a custom confection for their first meeting. i was so touched and honored to be able to participate in such a momentous occasion! in fact, i thought i would share with you a picture of lee with her sister carla...

needless to say, i admit that i am suffering from a serious case of spring fever...the sun is shining, we can see more blue skies, and i am itching to get outdoors. what about you? are you jonesing for the sunshine and fresh air like i am? do you have any special rituals or practices that you do to ring in the season? do you like to change up your decor, like i do? are you in the midst of your winter sowing for the garden?

whatever it is you do, wherever you are, i hope the sun, the warmth, and the flowers find you soon...

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