Thursday, January 28, 2010

and the coffee filter insanity continues...

yes, it's true...

i am still playing with dyed coffee filters...and i'm still completely taken with the aesthetic concept. its so...fluffy. and romantic. and just plain cheap. AND so simple to do. in the last week or so, i've made a very large pom in a robin's egg blue and taupe for my studio -- this thing ended up being roughly the size, or larger, of a basket ball. it looks so cute hanging in the corner above my sewing table. i plan to do a few more in varying sizes so this one doesn't look too lonely hanging up there by itself. i've also put together this rather large heart that is currently hanging in my entryway. i got the heart-shaped form from Hobby Lobby and just dyed, oh, about two hundred (!) coffee filters pink. it actually didn't take too long. in fact, i thought that the large heart went much more quickly than the smaller heart i showed in my tutorial last week.

what about all of you? have you caught this coffee filter bug yet? if so, what have you whipped up?
this time of year in buffalo can be tough to get through...while we don't really get nearly as much snow as the rest of the world seems to think we do, it can be quite cold and quite gray. i yearn for the sun...the warmth...the garden. its time for me to start my winter sowing, which has turned into quite an ambitious undertaking for me, but one that i am very proud of. last year, i started hundreds of seedlings...all of my perennials and tons of annuals. i only have a small garden in the city (about 20' by 16'), so i ended up gifting a lot of my babies away; but i was so thrilled to have grown nearly all of my garden plants and flowers last year. it was really rewarding to nurse them from tender little seedlings to these lovely flowering beauties, AND i found it helped alleviate some of the winter blues to be looking after something that was alive and growing despite the inches of blowing snow outside the door...


  1. Hi sweetie...your hanging ball is to die for... please to what kind of material you attach the coffee filters... it is a lovely idea to decorate my home for my princess 1st. birthday .. Thanks in advance... and Hugs from Puerto Rico

  2. well, hello puerto rico! thank you for reading!

    i hope this helps:

    i use a hot glue gun and a straight pin to attach the coffee filter. i pinch the filter at the center, stick a pin through, stick the pin into the styrofoam. before pushing the pin all the way down, i place a dab of hot glue on the ball and then press the filter and the pin down all the way.

    please send a picture or two for us to see!