Thursday, September 24, 2009

lighting a few candles...

the man, or collection of men, known as the Buddha is known to have said this:
"thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle and the life of the candle will not be shortened. happiness never decreases by being shared."
i try to remember this daily, to operate with this idea in mind. this experiment i seem to have taken up is no exception. now, i will confess that i have some misgivings about taking up this task of blogging. why, why, why would anyone care to bother to read anything i had to say, let alone care about who i am? i mean, i am certainly flattered, should anyone be reading out there. but i guess i just don't believe that i'm an interesting enough person. i am...just me.
however, i do happen to have a knack for doing certain sewing...and crafting whimsical little objets d'arts...and interior design. i seem to have a knack for dreaming things up and then bringing them into being. my crafty, creative pursuits provide me with the most enormous joy, and some of my greatest satisfaction. it is silly, i know, but i have felt as proud of myself as the day i graduated medical school when something from my cerebral cortex is sitting right there in front of me. the lessons i have learned about life, and about myself, since i decided to leave medicine have been many, but the one that i am reminded of nearly everyday is that it is often the simplest things that make us the happiest.
the Buddha said we should share our joy, and so that is what i endeavor to do here. my hope is that this becomes a platform for interaction with other likeminded creatures. i will show you what inspires me and fires me up, the projects i am toiling upon, and hints on how to accomplish the same for yourself. i relish making connections with anyone out there who gives a damn, who has an opinion, and who chooses to live life fully rather than watch it pass them by. i seek your feedback and your input, dear readers. i want to see your pics and hear what you have to say.

so come share my joy with me, won't you?

coming tomorrow: i'll share with you my thoughts (and some pics) on my trip to the Country Living Fair which took place in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend. not only was it my first time attending the fair, but it was my first time travelling alone with my mom...was it worth the five hour drive? did i come back with any of my husband's money? tune in next time and find out...

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